supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
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Tandem & Tridrive Vacuum Trucks – Edmonton

Vacuum Truck Services – Edmonton & all surrounding areas

Edmonton Hydrovac Excavation Services
Edmonton Hazardous Waste Removal Services

Supreme Vac (Edmonton) started in 2005 with one tandem vacuum truck with the mission of providing vacuum services in Alberta. Over the years, we diversified and expanded our services and fleet of equipment to include hydrovac, vacuum, and steam trucks. During the past 15 years, we have travelled across the province and provided vac truck service to many parts of Alberta, from Fort Mckay to Drumheller, to Edson and Lloydminster, as well as to High River and Calgary.

Vacuum Trucks – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained vacuum trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

24/7 Vac Truck Services – Edmonton & ALL surrounding areas

We provide 24/7 emergency and scheduled vacuum truck service to the oil and gas, sewer and water, pipeline construction and maintenance, commercial, industrial, and public sectors. When an emergency occurs, whether it is a hydrocarbon spill, chemical spill, water main break, flooding, or sewer backup, you need a fast response to deal with the problem. We respond quickly should an emergency occur. You can depend on our professional environmental cleanup service team when you call our 24/7 vac truck dispatch.

We are not afraid of taking on a project, rolling up our sleeves, and getting our hands dirty. Many a time, we have arrived on-site with the customer panicked and in turmoil because other companies either could not or refused to start the project, or they had left the job midstream or shortly after starting, failing to complete the project when they said they could handle the job. You need a reliable contractor like Supreme Vac, not one who refuses to show up because they say their equipment has broken down, or indicate they can take on the project and then show up with the wrong equipment, or if they do appear on site, they take a look at the scope of the project and decline the job by saying “they do not do this type of work.” We understand our customers need to get their projects completed in a timely fashion. If your job is out of the ordinary and you have particular concerns please call us. We will come and take a look at your project to ensure we can undertake and complete the job.

We will not waste your time, resources and money by making promises and then fail to show up on your job site at the appointed time.

Experienced Vacuum Truck Services

For confined space situations, our men and equipment arrive prepared with the necessary permitting, knowledge, expertise, and required personal protective equipment, tools, and other safety equipment, lockout procedures, and the experience required to clean confined space environments, efficiently and effectively. All regulated safety procedures are followed and strictly observed. Whether you require a p tank, a 400 barrel oil tank (or other vessel) cleaned, or you need preventative maintenance and cleaning completed at a sewage lift station, or the removal of sewage and remediation of a crawl space, you can count on us to complete your project safely and in a timely manner.
vacuum trucks edmonton - tri axle vac truckOver the years we have rapidly responded to many emergency situations. During the Calgary flood, we were one of the first responders to arrive in Calgary assisting with vacuum and steam trucks, commissioned to remove enormous amounts of water and mud, and later following up with clean-up services. We provided restorative cleaning service to various downtown buildings, schools, veterinary clinics, shops, warehouses, homes, and condominium complexes to help restore them back to pre-flooding conditions.

Always desirous of expanding the scope of our knowledge and experience on various projects, we willingly undertook a significant role with additional responsibility on a large pipeline project being constructed in the Edmonton/Hardisty area. The prime contractor for the project requested the Supreme Vac team to manage the coordination of drilling support equipment with environmental concerns and waste management facilitation for the twenty-plus hydrovac, water, and vacuum trucks assigned to the project. We effectively coordinated the related equipment and efficiently managed the flow of waste to the project’s completion, while contributing incident-free by implementing our safe work measures and practices.

By having a diverse clientele, we know many customers have unique waste handling, removal, or disposal requirements for their projects. Supreme Vac has developed custom procedures to accommodate these special waste handling requirements. We have established good working relationships with hazardous and non-hazardous waste facilities in your area. This helps facilitate your waste being disposed of responsibly, effectively, efficiently, and legally. Having good working relationships with numerous waste facilities within Alberta has increased production and flexibility for our customers by helping them save valuable time and money at waste sites. How is this possible? By rerouting waste to reduce long wait times at waste facilities and being able to dispose waste at slower hours of the day for those facilities, in many instances.

In a situation where a customer desired to retain expensive filtering material, Supreme Vac has in the past been able to remove and isolate the filtering material from the main system, for cleaning and customer reuse.

Have a scheduled project during regular business hours you need assistance with? Not sure what type of equipment you will need to complete the job? Call us… we will be glad to assist you and make recommendations.

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Safety and Certification

At Supreme Vac, we firmly believe and adhere to all relevant safety procedures for our employees, contractors, our customers, and the general public who we come in contact with at the job site. We constantly review and revise job safety protocols, allowing us to perform tasks more safely, effectively, and efficiently. Safety is of paramount importance when it concerns our employees and others. We will not place anyone in a dangerous situation or in harm’s way and will decline work if safety protocols or procedures are not fully implemented for your job site. Supreme Vac management respects everyone’s physical health. We expect everyone to return home safe and healthy to their family at the end of the day.

We take care of our employees by ensuring they are properly trained to operate the equipment, tools, and accessories needed to perform their jobs. We offer in-house training and external training courses to keep current with the latest safety requirements, regulations, and protocols.

Waste Issues

Supreme Vac understands waste can sometimes be difficult to categorize and deal with for our customers. Many times we are able to assist our customers to manage their waste removal and disposal requirements and offer suggestions as to how they may best handle their particular waste situation. Such measures may include, regularly scheduled waste pickup, sampling and testing of waste to determine who can receive the waste, and 24/7 emergency service. Whatever your project demands, we can handle it!

Training, Insurance, and Memberships

We are members of several safety organizations, including; ISNetworld and ComplyWorks, and are COR certified by Enform to be in compliance with those organizations’ requirements. Insurance for our employees is covered by WCB. As well, all our employees are Fortis Trained and have industry tickets in:

  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)
  • Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST)
  • H2S Alive, Confined Space, WHMIS (2015)
  • Transportation of Dangerous goods
  • Ground Disturbance Level 2
  • Standard First Aid
  • Fall Protection

Vacuum Trucks – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained vacuum trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

Transport of Waste

We safely and effectively remove, transport, and dispose of various types of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, including:

Flammables Sludge
Wastewater Crude oil
Hydraulic oil Petroleum products
Hydrovac mud Cement
Sewage Volatile materials
Bitumen Dilbit/Fracsol
Tac oil Corrosives
Diesel Sump waste
Drilling mud Condensate

In accordance with all governing Alberta Environmental regulations, we only take generator waste to approved receiver disposal sites. 

Supreme Vac offers a fleet of maintained tridem and tandem vacuum trucks to satisfy your project requirements.

All of our vacuum truck operators have gone through extensive training and certification.  We can deploy in a short period of time.

Advantages Of Our Vacuum Trucks & Personnel 

  • Supreme Vac operates a fleet of tandem and tridem vacuum trucks to assist you on your project. We take pride in our equipment. Having well maintained reliable equipment heading to the job site is important for us and our customers. Our tandems carry a maximum of 13 cubic meters of liquid waste and our tridem trucks can carry 16 cubic meters of liquid waste on lease sites.
  • Our tanks and equipment are cleaned prior to showing up to your job site. We believe that our customers should not have someone else’s residual waste in our tanks while assisting you on your project. We go in clean & We come out clean!
  • Supreme Vac trucks are equipped with positive air shutoffs and will automatically switch off when exposed to volatile products or can be manually shut off with the switch of a button.
  • Tire Pressure Control Systems (Tire Boss). This system allows us to create a greater tire footprint leaving less of an environmental impact, causing minimal ground disturbance, and distributes the weight of our vac trucks over a larger surface area. This permits our trucks to drive in areas where others will get stuck, cause deep ruts and ground disturbances and require additional equipment and assistance to get towed out.
  • Vacuum at extreme depths. We can do it! When our contemporaries said it could not be done or said it would require multiple trucks, we proved otherwise. We have specialized equipment which allows us to vacuum sludge and other liquid waste at depths of 130 ft, a task our competitors have been unable to perform.
  • When you hire Supreme Vac, we don’t just supply you with a vac truck – we also do the work. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty. Rest assured you can rely on us to get your project completed.
  • Our trucks are equipped with spreader bars providing us the ability to land spread environmentally approved drilling waste to specified lands.
  • We can dispose of your waste. Supreme Vac has partnered with clean fill, septic, and contaminated AEP disposal sites around Alberta to provide options for our customers.
  • We have an inventory of flex hose we can supply for your job site. We can extend our reach to project sites using hundreds of feet of additional hose.
  • Our trucks and personnel are outfitted and stocked with all necessary PPE, and safety gear. We assess projects and bring the appropriate equipment, tools, and PPE before commencing a job, enabling us to prevent any downtime waiting for the proper gear to arrive.
  • Safety – our industry revolves around working in or near potentially dangerous environments. By observing and following safety protocols and taking the necessary safety measures, we help avoid safety shutdowns and third-party investigations. Our safety record goes to show that we are equipped, capable, experienced, and knowledgeable to get the job done safely, so we can all go home healthy – safe and sound – at the end of the day.

All these advantages and measures equate to cost savings and operational efficiencies for you.

Supreme Vac strives to provide you with all the advantages.


  • Underground and substructure work
  • Man lift station cleaning
  • Elevator shaft sump cleaning
  • Parking lot flooding clean up
  • Catch basins cleaned
  • Mechanic and other shop sumps
  • Flood clean up
  • Removal of sewage
  • Remediation of crawl spaces
  • Spill cleanup of hydrocarbons and other materials
  • Environmental remediation for spills
  • Water main break
  • Tank cleaning
  • Oil water separators

Vacuum Trucks – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained vacuum trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)



  • Drilling mud
  • Cement jobs
  • Land spreading
  • Contaminated waste removal and disposal
  • Removal and fluid transfers of various product


  • Land spreading
  • Contaminated waste removal and disposal
  • Supervision and coordination consulting
  • Pigging operations


  • Diesel, gas, bitumen, oil, and chemicals
  • Hazardous waste removal and disposal
  • Cleaning of tankers and trucks spills involving bitumen, diesel oil, tac oil
  • Vessel and tank cleaning
  • Tanker rollover
  • Damaged and leaking drums
  • Soil remediation


  • Shutdown operations
  • Degreasing
  • Industrial cleaning


I have a spill, can you help?

Absolutely! We have a 24-hour dispatch and a team of on-call operators at all times. We aim to be on-site between 60 – 90 minutes from when the call ends (within the Edmonton area). We have a crew of on-call technicians ready to help when you need assistance. Whether it’s a tanker rollover, chemical or fuel spill, we aim to provide you with a quick rapid response and are equipped with the proper equipment to help you get back on your feet!

I have a tank which needs to be cleaned, can you do that?

Yes, we have cleaned many tanks. Utilizing a vacuum truck and a steam unit to vacuum, wash and clean tanks, we may steam the inside a tank up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (149° Celsius) with wet steam, pressure wash with hot water, or apply a combination of both steam and hot water. We offer a variety of “tried and true” chemicals we have successfully used to effectively and efficiently clean different product out of tanks, when necessary. Should confined space entry into a tank be required, we do have the necessary permitting, hazard assessments and safety equipment required; including, tripods and winch, ventilation, harnesses, SABA, SCBA, PAPR, gas and air monitors, just to name a few, to get the job done safely, efficiently and effectively. At Supreme Vac, we make safety a top priority and ensure everyone involved has the necessary safety tickets, training, and competency prior to working on confined space projects.

How far down vertically can you vacuum before you lose suction?

Atmospheric pressure is limited to 14.7 psi (at sea level), This being said the limitation on vacuuming liquid vertically is approximately 28 feet. However, we have equipment outfitted with our vacuum trucks that allow us to vacuum to deeper depths. Recently we vacuumed to vertical depths of 130′. This has enabled us to complete the job, where others could not perform the task even after bringing in additional hydrovac vacuum trucks to provide additional vacuum support. Our customer was very pleased with the cost saving, not to mention lost time and expense associated with 4 previous contractors who could not complete the job.

Can you supply multiple trucks for a project?

Yes, we have worked on many projects which require multiple trucks. Call us today to schedule our trucks to help assist you on your next project.


Vacuum Trucks – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained vacuum trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)