supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
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Drain Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Do you have a drain that is partially clogged? Or a sewer backup coming out of your floor drain? At SupremeVac, we provide a true 24/hr emergency service. We are dedicated to serving you at any hour of the day, even at 3:00 AM when nobody else will. Whether you need a drain line to be flushed/jetted, camera inspection, or augering services, we always have a certified and trained technician ready to tackle any job, at any time of day.

Steam Drain Cleaning – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained steam units & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

Our steam units are equipped with 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ jetted flushing hose at various lengths. We come with various flushing/jetting nozzles to tackle the toughest problems in the drainage pipe. Our steam units force high-pressure hot or cold water to chew through everything, including grease, that could cause a sewer backup. For more information, please see our steam services page.

We specialize in providing CCTV video camera inspection services that allow us to diagnose any issues in your sewer/storm drain or conduit lines


  • 100″ Self-leveling colour inspection camera with specialized attachments
  • 350″ Self-leveling colour inspection camera with specialized attachments
  • Sanitary & storm line video inspection
  • Culvert, manhole & washroom cleanout
  • Highrise kitchen drains and stack inspection
  • New home video inspection
  • Conduit piping inspection

We diagnose drainage system issues live on screen. The live feedback allows us to determine the exact cause and location of the problem.