supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
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Hydrovac – Edmonton, Alberta

Hydrovac services for Edmonton & all surrounding areas

Supreme Vac, a division of Supreme Resources Inc, is a family-operated business providing hydrovac services from our Edmonton based head office. Our Edmonton hydrovac services cover all surrounding communities, and we are open to travel to any location you require. For over 15 years we have been operating hydrovac trucks throughout many parts of Alberta. We’ve provided hydrovac excavation services from Fort McKay to Drumheller, to Edson and Lloydminster areas, as well as to High River and Calgary.

We extend 24/7 emergency hydrovac service when you need it most, and regularly scheduled service for your day-to-day operational needs. Your phone call will be answered by someone who can assist you. Call us anytime at 780-691-3436 we’ll be here for you!

Our scope of service is diversified, we know how our equipment can be integrated and utilized to best serve you. We focus on hydrovac services essential to the oil, gas, pipeline construction/maintenance, and all underground services in the commercial and industrial sectors. Our highly trained, experienced hydrovac truck operators and technicians hydro excavate in the safest, most efficient, and non-destructive way to surrounding soil, while adhering to all safety, environmental and legal requirements.

We pay particular attention to your requests for being precise with the excavation requirements and submit to your safe working procedures and various job site concerns.

Hydrovac – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained hydrovac trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

Our Hydrovac Services

hydrovac edmonton - truck 115Being there for you – when you need us most – when no one else will come to assist you with your problem… you can count on us!

Whether you require a small site hole, need to daylight a utility line, make a slot trench, dig pile holes, provide directional drill bore support, require mud tank or pit cleaning, need assistance with plant work, or just remove debris; we have the experience and knowledge to help you on your next project. Equipment alone is not the solution in itself: we have quality skilled hydrovac operators and technicians with job-specific training, knowledge, competency, experience, and energy to help you get the job done right.

Supreme Vac provides you with well-maintained hydrovac trucks and highly skilled employees. We arrive at your job site, ready to get to work.

Our hydrovac operator’s experience and creativity set us apart in the game. We hire problem solvers and hard workers who strive to get your job done efficiently, effectively, and safely. When you require a hydro-vac for your next project, please give us a call.

At Supreme Vac, we treat our people and those we serve like family. We like to think when we do a job for you, we do it just like we were doing it for ourselves. Everyone in our company is on a one-to-one personal basis, and all of us work toward the same goal. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to you while building strong business relationships and friendships along the way.

Hydrovac – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained hydrovac trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

What Our Hydrovac Customers mean to us

You invest significant time, effort, resources, and manpower to a particular job, so the importance of adhering to a project’s timeline for completion is critical for project managers. At Supreme Vac, we recognize this fact.

Arriving on time to the job site and being ready to work when the project manager or supervisor expects us there, is as important to us as it is to you.

We earn your trust, confidence, and loyalty by giving you an honest day’s work. Customers may not be required to remain on their job site long because they know they can rely on and trust us to do the job specified in the most efficient manner possible, and complete it with minimal supervision. That frees up your time on the job site. This means working smart, safe, being dependable in completing the job requirement, and solving any unforeseen problems or job hazards encountered along the way. If you are not sure how to go about solving a particular problem, rely on our knowledge and expertise to present solutions and alternatives to satisfy your job requirements.

Our modern state–of–the–art hydrovac trucks will make a good impression on your project site when arriving clean, fully functional, and ready to go to work for you.

Your expectations are our expectations, we expect nothing short of the very best operational capabilities from our hydrovac equipment. Everything humanly possible is done to keep our hydrovac equipment in top operating condition, to reduce the chance of equipment failures on your site. Our hydrovac units are regularly scheduled for inspection and repair. All equipment is inspected daily at the beginning and end of the day for any possible system or mechanical fault or malfunction. Our philosophy is to repair our equipment as quickly as possible, to minimize any potential customer downtime. We do not take chances with equipment that is not operating 100% on your project!

We have tackled and safely completed difficult tasks which many other hydrovac companies before us have said: “it can’t be done without more equipment and manpower.” We do not pad the job site with idle equipment and bodies. Allow us the opportunity to work on your next project and we will accomplish or exceed your every expectation.

Hydrovac – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained hydrovac trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

Special Tools and Accessories

Experienced and able to excavate on all types of ground and soils, we arrive ready with a variety of excavation nozzles to better adapt to the different soil types and weather conditions experienced in Alberta. All our hydrovac trucks are equipped with boilers, heating the water system which in turn permits us to keep working, cutting through the stubborn frozen ground during winter months.

Safety & Certifications

Adhering to the customer’s onsite safety protocols and complying with our safety procedures and policies, we place a high emphasis on completing a job safely. When it comes to having the proper safety equipment available on site, our personnel are expertly trained to work in that environment.

Working in and around electrical utilities, without the proper care and attention to detail can be dangerous, even fatal. Equipotential bonding mats are put into service around any possible exposure to electrical power lines, to mitigate and minimize any associated risk.

Supreme Vac is a member of several safety organizations, including; ISNetworld and ComplyWorks, and are COR certified by Enform to be in compliance with those organizations requirements. Insurance for our employees is covered by WCB. As well, all our employees are Fortis trained and have industry tickets in:

  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)
  • Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST)
  • H2S Alive, Confined Space, WHMIS (2015)
  • Transportation of Dangerous goods
  • Ground Disturbance Level 2
  • Standard First Aid
  • Fall Protection

Why Hydrovac?

Compared to hoes, front end loaders, excavators and other conventional mechanical excavation equipment, there are many advantages our hydrovac trucks and personnel can afford you. There are less risk and legal responsibilities associated with the possibility of “hitting” a utility, disrupting the flow of service to a utility or pipeline.

  • We save you money. When working on a site that requires a significant amount of earth to be hydro-excavated and disposed of, instead of calling two hydrovac trucks, we can utilize a vacuum truck to come and vacuum off the debris in the Hydrovac. In doing this, our vacuum trucks can go and dispose of the waste resulting in more dig time and less disposal time.
  • Adjustable water pressure; our hydrovac trucks are equipped with 20 gpm pumps rated to 3000 psi and we can adjust to 1500 psi or lower when excavating around sensitive gas lines, electrical lines, pipeline coatings, and other underground facilities.
  • Less congestion means less disruption to traffic and the public – conventional mechanical excavators take time to move, and are usually trucked in with semi’s and low boy trailers which can take up a lot of space.
  • Quick disposal times; Our trucks have remotely activated rear hatch doors, sloped floors, and wash bars built into the tank which allows the slurry waste to be emptied quickly when offloading waste at the disposal site.
  • Long boom reach; 26′ extendable rear-mounted boom controlled by a wireless remote allows us to dig at depths of 18′ before we have to add additional lengths of dig tube.
  • We have additional flex hose we can supply for your project job if we can’t access the area required to dig with the boom. We have hydrovac excavated using over 200′ of remote hose.
  • Mandatory on our trucks are harnesses, ropes, and rope grabs. We protect our employees around excavation holes where there is a potential for falling which could result in serious injury.
  • We supply an arrangement of dig nozzles that are innovative, efficient, and effective which allows us to save water resulting in more time excavating and less time at the water fill station.
  • Our hydrovac trucks and personnel are outfitted and stocked with all necessary PPE, and safety gear. There will not be any downtime waiting for the proper gear before commencing a job.
  • Safety – our industry revolves around working in or near potentially dangerous environments. Our safety record goes to show that we are capable, experienced, and knowledgeable to get the job done safely so we can all go home at the end of the day.

All the above equate to cost savings and operational efficiencies for you, and at Supreme Vac, we strive to provide you with all the advantages.


  • Daylighting
  • Trenching
  • Sight holes
  • Pile hole excavation
  • Water main break digs
  • Sewer main break digs
  • Remediation
  • Pipeline bore support

Hydrovac – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained hydrovac trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

Hydrovac Questions:

Do I have to call Alberta One Call for my job site if I need to dig a hole or uncover a utility?

Yes, before causing any ground disturbance, Alberta One Call must be called. This is the responsibility of the primary contractor/owner to have Alberta One Call contacted to perform a locate for all utilities prior to commencing any excavation at the dig site. The digging community has an obligation to protect the safety of workers, the public and the environment. Some utilities can be buried just mere centimeters below the ground surface. To contact Alberta One Call and submit a locate – or 780-242-3447

How much hydrovac debris can your tank hold?

Our tridem hydrovac trucks can hold upwards of 13 cubic metres of slurry debris. Our water tank compartment holds 2000 gallons of clean potable water. We are able to utilize full capacities on both of our water and debris tanks on lease sites only. Road bans and legal weight conditions necessitate how much we legally carry on municipal, rural and provincial roads. To minimize damage to roadways, these capacities are reduced accordingly, to comply with the legalities of transporting waste on regular roadways.

How fast does it take to dig a piling hole using a Hydrovac?

This will depend on multiple factors, such as; soil type, ground conditions, and various weather conditions. We can cut and dig through permafrost conditions utilizing hot water from the boiler system during the coldest of winter conditions. Our hydrovac trucks come equipped with a variety of nozzles to tackle any type of soil. This allows our operators to cut the earth more efficiently than our competitors, enabling us to adapt to the customer’s needs and control costs. Combining our hydrovac operator’s experience with the best hydrovac technology in the industry, customers benefit by having their projects completed on time, and within budget.

How much does waste disposal cost?

It could run only a few hundred dollars per truckload. However, in many cases, it depends on the volume of waste, the state of the waste, the cost of analyzing the waste, and other possible risk factors. The Waste Generator (producer) of the waste is legally responsible for finding a Waste Receiver (waste facility) who will accept the waste in question. Some receivers will only accept waste when it is sampled, tested, and analyzed, and only then will they determine whether they are prepared to accept it. Supreme Vac, a Waste Transporter, deals with multiple waste disposal sites around the City of Edmonton, and Province of Alberta, and will work with the closest and most cost-effective disposal location relative to your work site. Waste disposal costs will vary depending on whether you have hazardous (contaminated) hydrovac waste material or non-hazardous (clean) hydrovac waste material. We can better facilitate your waste disposal needs on a project-by-project basis. Call us for your next project, and we will be better prepared and more informed to discuss the matter further with you.


Hydrovac – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained hydrovac trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)