supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
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CCTV PIPE INSPECTION – Edmonton, Alberta

CCTV Pipe Inspection & Robotic Cutter Services for Edmonton & all surrounding areas

Supreme Vac, a local family-owned and operated business, has been proudly servicing Alberta’s oil, gas, pipeline, construction, municipal utilities, commercial, and industrial sectors since 2004.

Over the years, it has been our desire to strive and elevate our performance level to be the best solution provider in the industry for the customers we serve by delivering dependable, high-quality service in a professional, timely, and reliable manner.

Therefore, we were determined to do the same when we made a concerted decision to invest in a high-quality optical camera and integrative cutter equipment system employing state-of-the-art innovative technology and, most importantly, to invest in our people, who actively desire and pursue ongoing specialized training, have a network of resources for problem-solving, and then take, refine, and hone these innovative skills and apply these to hands-on experience.

CCTV Pipe Inspection – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Robotic Cutter Truck Services
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

This sets us apart from others in our industry by being able to troubleshoot and accomplish jobs others just cannot seem to resolve. This distinction enables us to use our new technologies and skills to be able to solve problems more effectively and efficiently for our clientele.

Given the wide variety of sewer and pipeline inspection technologies on the market today, true HD IBAK CCTV Robotic Crawler 360° Camera Inspection is without a doubt second to none in assessing pipe conditions and gathering data on underground utilities like mainline sewer and storm pipelines.

This cutting-edge technology has allowed us to become more proficient in how we gain access, process, and relay critical information through the use of high-quality equipment interlaced with a proprietary hardware and software computerized system. Therefore, this system now allows us to deliver to you, a true HD optical pipe visual assessment accompanied by diagnostic tool ID reporting, which clearly identifies and specifically highlights problematic areas, with the sole purpose of better assisting you in your decision-making process.

This onboard powerful combination of true High Definition IBAK CCTV Robotic Crawler Camera Inspection and Robotic Cutter integrated together in our single truck boasts the best quality imaging, clarity, and performance in the industry for our customers.

True High Definition Robotic Crawler Camera System:

  • Inspection and reporting of pipe conditions in real-time.

  • Identification of any damages, issues, and potential problems through NASSCO’s – Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) Reporting Software

  • Identify any unexplained flow issues.

  • Cross-bore activity in pipes from utility installations from horizontal drilling.

  • Regular maintenance to check aging pipe conditions (such as root intrusion, cracks, fractures, pipe breaks, sags just to name a bunch.)

  • Monitor and document newly installed pipelines. (FAC)

Robotic Cutter System:

  • Removal of calcium deposits, intruding lateral pipe (taps), root infiltration, concrete, metal, exposed gaskets, obstruction of debris such as blockages in the pipe, and cross bore activity.

  • CIPP lateral line reinstatement.


  1. Our custom truck saves time! It is equipped with both an HD camera system and a robotic cutting system. If we come across a problem or issue that can be solved using our cutter, we can utilize it within minutes. There is no need to call in a different truck to come and “deal” with the problem.

  2. We offer “true” high definition, HD 4K-ready image resolution, and it is second to none in optics. Our crystal-clear image quality helps us assess pipe with certainty.

  3. Equipped with Ibak’s T66 HD and T76 HD crawlers, we have the ability to travel in the pipe as small as 101 mm (4”) and can scan pipe as big as 3000 mm (118”).

  4. Our camera crawlers can be elevated in pipe to give it the best image quality while being centered in bigger pipe.

  5. We can travel long distances down the pipe! Our HD camera system boasts 488 meters (1600’) of camera line and our microgator air robotic cutting system can utilize up to 305 meters (1000’).

  6. We provide combination flush truck and camera inspection services in tandem. This will ensure that the pipe is thoroughly, and properly cleaned to produce the best imaging inspection assessments.

  7. We are able to supply bypass support with our tandem and tridem vacuum trucks should we need to manage flow, while executing cleaning, rehabilitation, or inspection services.

  8. Our customized truck has been well designed with functionality to provide studio space for our customers with room to stand or sit on our bench seat for projects they would like to actively participate by viewing and inspecting real-time video footage.

  9. The right wheels for the pipe! We have various types of wheels for all types of pipe conditions.

  10. Our trucks are equipped with confined space entry gear such as tripod, SRL, man winch, blower ventilation, harnesses, tool bags, and personal air monitors (calibrated and bumped tested before every shift).

  11. Last but not least, and most important of all; Our NASSCO certified CCTV camera operators. We have competent, caring operators who want to provide quality service to our customers.

In pursuit of fulfilling our service requirements to you, we are of the opinion, this may only be accomplished by integrating only the best technical equipment available to serve and compliment our dedicated team of competent camera operators.

Therefore, we provide our customers with the highest state-of-the-art technological quality pipe assessment service available to the market today. In addition to our true HD IBAK CCTV Mainline Camera Inspection system, there is a robotic cutter system for milling and sewer rehabilitation work. These two systems seamlessly integrate to allow us to provide our customers with the best high-definition images and videos available for your planning purposes.

Robotic Cutter Truck – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
CCTV Pipe Inspection Services
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)


The inspection of sewers, laterals, and manholes serves to take stock of their condition and thus to detect and document damage, as a basis for rehabilitation planning.

Leverage PACP CCTV Sewer Inspection Services to:

  • Inspect and report on pipe conditions

  • Identify and diagnose potentially hazardous intersecting utilities

  • Monitor the performance of newly installed pipes and water mains

  • Monitor aging assets and pinpoint problems such as cracks, breaks, sags, and obstructions, without costly shutdown

  • Investigate unexplained flow conditions, locate blockages, inspect pipe walls and liners, locate lost line valves, and inspect leak areas

  • Capture data necessary to identify any changes in sewer pipe conditions before and after construction takes place on or near a project site

CCTV Inspection Capabilities — Equipped with a variety of rugged and reliable Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) robotic crawlers adaptable to:

  • Fit pipes of almost any size or length

  • Inspect and evaluate internal conditions (sanitary sewers, house service lines, storm sewers, etc.)

  • Capture images in real-time

  • Easily zoom in on anomalies

  • Navigate around bends

  • Inspect lateral connections

  • Be submerged fully in water

PACP Sewer Inspection Services—Each project will:

  • Begin with a recommended Sewer Flushing to clear out any litter, sludge, and debris

  • Undergo a CCTV Pipeline Inspection offering a comprehensive digital recording of internal conditions of the storm or wastewater network

  • Receive a NASSCO PACP Certified Report that categorizes and labels defects and other problem areas, and suggest next steps

NASSCO PACP Certified Report Options:

  • Full Video Report of inspection service

  • Photo Report identifying features, data points, and anomalies

Additional Sewer Inspection Services

  • Sewer Pipe Location Data Collection

  • Sewer Invert Data Collection

  • Sewer Chamber Data Collection

  • Confined Space Entry Services

  • Traffic Control & Planning

  • Project Management

  • GIS & CAD Data Services


Three (3) compelling reasons why you should consider a CCTV Pipe Inspection…

  1. Detecting Blockages and Damage: Identify any potential issues or damages in the pipes before they become a major capital expenditure problem. By using a CCTV camera, it’s possible to inspect the condition of the pipes from the inside, which allows for a much more accurate assessment of their condition than any other method.

  2. Assessing the Condition of Pipes: CCTV pipe inspections can also be used to locate blockages or obstructions in the pipes, such as tree roots or debris. This information can then be used to determine the best course of action to clear the blockage and to take action to avoid further damage from occurring in the pipe.

  3. Prevent Future Problems: By identifying and addressing issues early on, a CCTV pipe inspection may help identify and prevent more extensive and severe problems from occurring in the future. This is bound to save you time and money over the long run.

    Remember: True high-definition quality and Documentation of pipeline size, pipe composition, links and defects is a key strategy to implement for pipe rehabilitation/maintenance program.

    A Rule of Thumb: Do not put off until tomorrow, what you can inspect today!
    *Contact us to schedule your inspection*


CCTV Pipe Inspection – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Robotic Cutter Truck Services
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)