Supreme Vac – Edmonton
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Supreme Vac – Edmonton
HydrovacSteam Trucks – Vacuum Trucks
(24 hr. Service)


We provide efficient, reliable, around the clock service to help with your next project or emergency situation.
Whether you require a hydrovac, vacuum truck, steam truck or need multiple units to work hand in hand, Supreme Vac can assist you on your next project or provide a solution to your immediate problem.

The crew at Supreme Vac are a top-notch group. They provide reliable, efficient, round the clock service and respond when you need them. They have a professional, hard-working team and I would definitely recommend their services.”

J. Erickson 
Canexus Corporation

I have used the guys at Supreme Vac multiple times and have had excellent service every time. They have always been eager and willing to help out, even on extremely short notice. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for vac truck and hydro-vac truck services.”

Jeff B.

Amazing company run by amazing guys. Professional, reliable, and always a treat to see on site. There’s nothing they can’t fix or facilitate when it comes to pipes and fluids. I would recommend no other company for your suction needs.”

Stefan B.

They handled it with kid gloves and did a bang up job!”

D. Post 
Pembina Pipeline Corporation

We paid for what we received a great crew, good service and good equipment.”

William C.

We have used this company several times and they have provided excellent service and quality work. They are extremely flexible and have been able to accommodate our ever changing schedule.”

Sharel H.

Highly recommended. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff!!”

Neil M.

Speaking on behalf of Catholic Social Services I would highly recommend them. They have been very accommodating and the service times are excellent every time we call.”

John H.

Used their service on a few building sites I manage. Extremely reliable and professional. Great to see the owners operate on the field. Highly recommend their service.”

Chris G.

Found Terry and his staff to be excellent, on time, and more than capable of completing the job required.”

David T.

The boys worked hard and always are here for us 24/7”

Brett Boychuk