The Supreme Vac Difference
“We know clean. We live it.”

At Supreme Vac, we understand that prompt, quality service is important to you and your business. Waiting for contractors to show up who do a half completed job is unacceptable. Our operators are fully trained, qualified and understand what it takes to offer the superior service required in completing a job. Simply put, we aren’t satisfied until you are.

Our quality custom built steam units are designed with the customer in mind. Efficient. Durable. Reliable. We operate them in the coldest Canadian winters.

Our future is dependent on your approval. See how our steam units can assist you on your next project.


  • De-icing and Line/Valve Thawing
  • Grease Lines Steamed
  • Frozen Conduit Steam Flushing/Thawing
  • Sanitary & Storm Line Jetting/Flushing Services
    • Culvert, manhole, clean out and washroom
    • Sewer back up
  • maintenance programs
  • Drain Cleaning —> Jetting/Flushing Method
    • Root cutting in sewer pipe

Our steam units are equipped with various flushing nozzles used to tackle the toughest problems in drainage pipe.