supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
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Combination Flush Trucks – Edmonton

High Pressure Main Line Sewer Flushing

High pressure pipe jetting, or “sewer flushing” as commonly referred to in the industry, is an application which propels high pressure water through a hose and out through a specialized nozzle. This scours the insides of sewer or storm water main drain lines as it propels itself down the pipeline, cleaning and restoring flow to the line.

Combination flush trucks apply this high-pressure water flow principle and application to clean the pipe and utilize high volume vacuum suction to remove the dislodged debris from the system. The resultant effect restores the sewer/storm service back to normal operational flow. This can and almost always does get you out of your immediate back up crisis. However, by following a regular service maintenance on your sewer lines, you may be able to prevent and avoid an emergency occurrence and keep your life on an even keel.

Emergencies tend to be definitely more stressful, considerably more costly and may end up being an ongoing nightmare for customers (see further on).

What the benefits and advantages of using a combination flush truck to clean sewer/storm drain pipe?

  1. Efficiency
  2. Capacity
  3. Safety

Combination Flush Trucks – High Pressure Main Line Sewer Flushing
Edmonton & all surrounding areas

Supreme Vac
Well maintained combination flush trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)


What kind of obstructions can be found in drain pipes?

  • The most typical and commonly found obstructions in pipes are tree roots, grease, sewer grit, concrete, asphalt, rock, sand and scale build up from calcite in sewer and storm pipes and often, bottles, toys, sanitary napkins, needles and debris which should not be found in the sewer and storm system in the first place!
  • Sometimes contractors install service-lateral pipes which protrude into a mainline. This may cause sewer flow to hang up on the protruding line causing sewer back ups.

What type of nozzles do you supply with your trucks?

We equip our combination flush trucks with a wide array and variety of performance flush nozzles each of which have different functions in specific service applications.

Because nozzles offer and provide different functions, efficiency and performance in cleaning and ridding pipe of debris – the methodology utilized by our knowledgeable and trained operators will cut through your drainage problems, similar to a specific military tactical operation unit getting quickly to its target and removing it. 


Combination flush trucks have two or more large holding tanks: one or multiple tanks for clean water used for flushing lines, and one for holding the debris vacuumed up.

Our flush trucks can hold 1300 – 1500 gallons of fresh water, allowing us to effectively clean pipes without having to refill as frequently as do some smaller jetting units. As a result, we can focus on cleaning pipes instead of having to go refill water when a line is half cleaned. Decanting of sewer water is also possible while keeping the solids in the debris tank, this is a definite cost saving to you the customer.


The ability to clean and flush sewer lines from above ground while eliminating or minimizing the need to entering a sewer or storm manhole provides customers with a safe and reliable means of providing high quality service.

Although, we try to prevent entering a manhole (confined space entry), there are occasions where it is absolutely necessary to gain entrance to mitigate or solve a problem. We make safety paramount in our operations and provide the necessary training, industry certifications and safety equipment to our operators and technicians. Examples of some equipment we use includes tripods, harnesses, positive ventilation blowers and proper gas monitoring equipment, necessary safety permits and back up personnel trained to evacuate and assist should there be a confined space emergency.

Combination Flush Trucks – High Pressure Main Line Sewer Flushing
Edmonton & all surrounding areas

Supreme Vac
Well maintained combination flush trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never had a sewer main back up, why am I having one now?

Even the most prepared customers have been surprised by this occurrence. Many times we have heard, “it’s been 25 years without a problem, why is this happening now?” Over time like everything else, sewer pipes may become damaged or deteriorate.

Visualize sewer systems like your bodies arteries. You cannot see what may be going on. Without proper bodily maintenance, exercise, healthy eating and diet, and so forth, your body functions can start to decline, erode and health issues start appearing. Arteries are your blood transport system, and if your body is not properly maintained one could start having blood with clumped up poorly moving cells and arterial plaque build up on the walls of the veins which could cause blood flow issues, clots to form and block or cause weak spots in the artery to occur, resulting in serious emergencies. Obviously, we are not medical doctors or specialists, but you get the analogy.

The same type of things happen or may happen to sewer system and its drain pipes, in a different type of context. Problem is – the problem is out of sight and out of mind and when a problem become obvious, it is now an emergency! Inflow and infiltration, sink holes, cracked and broken pipes, diminished capacity and sanitary sewer over flows will usually be a result of lack of regular preventive maintenance.

Problems such as tree roots, sewer grit, collapsed pipe (rocks, sand), kitchen fats, oils and grease (FOG) can build up relatively quickly, if not promptly addressed and maintained on a regular basis. It can also become a big problem for you with the City or Municipality. You definitely do not want to be told by a governmental inspector that the problem is a result of your neglect and negligence. Unexpected events – always happen suddenly and of course, unexpectedly. Imagine a beautiful summer day, or worse yet, a -30°C night an issue occurs. Who wants to be dealing with a sewer back up in -30°C?

These occurrences do happen – while preventative maintenance can help avoid and prevent such issues from occurring.

Sewer back ups can wreck havoc in mechanical rooms, leaving your furnaces, boilers knocked out without heat or air conditioning, cause extensive electrical damage and failure, create health and black mold issues – when not properly dealt with and cleaned up right away. This can be a major catastrophic problem when this is an apartment building, seniors care home or office building and everyone inside has to be evacuated from the premises, until the situation is remedied. Not to mention the costs and inconveniences it causes to everyone effected. When -30°C, or anytime for that matter, this is the last thing you want hanging over your head and requiring your immediate undivided attention and the responsibilities of future ongoing concerns which need to be addressed; such as, dealing with inspectors, engineers, insurance companies, legal matters and related claim issues.

Utilizing our combination flush truck service on a periodic basis is probably one of the best pro-active things you could undertake to ensure and preserve your buildings efficient ongoing operation by maintaining good and unobstructed water and sewer flow to the sewer main.

Why should I clean my catch basin and storm drains?

Staying on top of cleaning catch basins is important in helping to prevent and monitor I&I (inflow and infiltration) which can result in collapsed storm lines. Dealing with a backed up catch basin during a spring or summer torrential rain storm, can cause flooding to buildings, and extensive property damage which can be costly, if not addressed right away. During the winter/spring transition, parking lot back up flooding can be the cause of serious falls because the parking lot can freeze up like a skating rink. Back ups can be prevented when catch basins and storm drains are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Our operators and technicians can help provide you with solutions to issues found in catch basins before they become major headaches and costly obstacles for you.

24/7 Emergency Service

We provide around-the-clock emergency combination flush truck service. Should you require our flushing services during regular or after hours, give us a call today. We try our best to help mitigate issues as soon as they happen. We have a fleet of vacuum trucks, steam/jetting units and hydrovac trucks which are available for your specific service needs. These may be of useful benefit to assist with and mitigate various sewage back up situations, should they be required.

Efficiency and safety through technology:

When operating a flush truck, one typically operates off the front end of the truck. These trucks are very loud and can produce long term hearing damage, if proper and safe hearing protection is not provided or worn. Even with the best ear protection, communication can be stifled and disrupted by the noise generated.

When we talk about safety, mean it. We have invested in the very best hearing protection which also has built in real time communication and talk capabilities. No buttons to press, no delays. The hands free open microphone operation lets us keep our hands where they need to be, on the equipment, so we can be more efficient while communicating with each other. You will not see us fumbling for a talk button on a radio. The integration of using our hands free, ear-protected communication system within our sewer flushing operation has allowed us to safely and accurately stop and go when we need to, saving you time and money with water usage and waste matter, while also avoiding and preventing further damage in manholes and sewer pipes which may already be evident due to age and other factors. We will not be shouting, waving frantically or giving odd, possibly confusing hand signals on site to each other. Our real time communication system allows us to be 1600’ away from the base station in any direction. This affords us the ability to be a fair distance from where we may be flushing from to a remote location we cannot visually see.


All nozzles are NOT created equal. Nozzles typically range in value from a few hundred $$ to many $$$ thousands of dollars – per nozzle – and each one performs specific functions, while operating at varying levels of efficiency and effectiveness. When flushing through debris from a pipe, many factors come in to consideration; type and condition of pipe, size of pipe, type of debris in pipe, the volume and compacted nature of debris in pipe. We carry a wide variety of nozzles for your specific needs.

Our most effective nozzles are high-efficient tier 3 flush nozzles. These nozzles are determined by NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) to provide a 80% – 98% efficiency. Water flow is optimized through its fluid mechanic dynamics and is channelled in the nozzle and guided throughout in tight water patterns, thus producing a more effective cleaning result while conserving more water than a tier 1 or tier 2 nozzle.

There are places and situations where tier 1 (30% efficiency) and tier 2 nozzles (50-60% efficiency) are the better choice to be utilized. Although, not as efficient or as effective as a tier 3 nozzle, should one not know the pipe condition of the line which needs to be flushed, a least expensive alternative would be to introduce a tier 1 or tier 2 nozzle in to break up a blockage or to do a preliminary cleaning. Losing a nozzle and flush hose in a broken line is a costly proposition, if not approached prudently and properly – these nozzles range from a basic entry level of two thousand dollars to many thousands of dollars beyond this.

Basically, by having a high quality and complete compliment of nozzles, this can aid in reducing time required to solve your problem.


Combination Flush Trucks – High Pressure Main Line Sewer Flushing
Edmonton & all surrounding areas

Supreme Vac
Well maintained combination flush trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Service for Edmonton & all outlying areas)