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Edmonton’s choice for Hydrovac, Vacuum Truck, Steam Truck and Pressure Washing Services.

Supreme Vac is a Canadian owned and family operated company with 12+ years of professional service in the oil, gas, pipeline, construction utility, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Supreme Vac – Edmonton
HydrovacSteam Trucks – Vacuum Trucks
(24 hr. Service)


We provide efficient, reliable, around the clock service to help with your next project or emergency situation.
Whether you require a hydrovac, vacuum truck, steam truck or need multiple units to work hand in hand, Supreme Vac can assist you on your next project or provide a solution to your immediate problem.

We operate a growing fleet of diversified equipment outfitted with qualified, experienced personnel enabling us to offer customers a wide range of services including:

We ensure our equipment is well maintained, providing reliable 24-hour emergency response service to customers in Edmonton and the surrounding area.


Established in 2005, Supreme Vac (Supreme Resources Inc.) takes every effort to help preserve the environment. Proper waste disposal procedures are key in eliminating potential environmental hazards that can destroy the environment. Our efforts help to preserve the environment for future enjoyment.

Vacuum TruckS – Edmonton & Area

Supreme Vac – Edmonton
 Vacuum Trucks – Edmonton & Area (24 hr. Service)

Our vacuum truck can handle and safely transport all types of liquid waste collection, facilitate fluid transfers, remove and properly dispose of a variety of waste material including; but not limited to:

  • hazardous and non-hazardous waste resulting from tank cleanings
  • sump sludge removal
  • drilling mud transfers and disposal
  • hydrocarbon contaminated water removal
  • diesel and related environmental spills
  • sewage
  • acid and alkaline waste
  • hydraulic oil spills
  • removal of mud, water & sewage due to flooding

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edmonton vacuum truck

Hydrovac – Edmonton & Area

Supreme Vac – Edmonton
Hydrovac – Edmonton & Area (24 hr. Service)

Our Edmonton hydrovac excavation services include daylighting, as well as potholing and trenching to safely expose gas, oil, chemical, water, sewer, electrical, telecommunication and other underground facilities for your project requirements.

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edmonton hydrovac truck

Steam trucks – Edmonton & Area

Supreme Vac – Edmonton
Steam Trucks – Edmonton & Area (24 hr. Service)

Our Edmonton steam trucks utilize steamer units to steam and thaw frozen vessels, lines and valves, and are equipped to support production well requirements and pipeline construction projects. In addition to our steam service, Supreme Vac also provides pressure washing, drain cleaning and sewer flushing service; which includes, but is not limited to the cleaning and removal of grease, debris and frozen matter which in many cases disrupt the flow of fluids in a variety of pipe and stacks.

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To provide quality, and dependable 24-hour service while embracing safety concerns and issues making safety paramount in our daily operations. We are dedicated to providing top notch customer service and forging strong business relationships.

FreQuently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I hire Supreme Vac over other competitors?

A: We provide well maintained, reliable equipment when you require our service most. Our experienced operators offer a true 24-hour service. Like the saying goes, “We’re not happy until Your happy“. We provide real solutions for our customer’s problems when others say it can’t be done. We arrive on time, ready to get your job completed in a timely, professional manner.

Q: How quick is your response time?

A: We strive to respond to be onsite in 60 to 90 minutes from the time of a call. Conveniently located in south-central Edmonton, we are accessible to all major road arteries and truck routes. We have a 24-hour dispatch, and a team of on-call operators at all times.

Q: Do you only work in Edmonton and the surrounding area?

A: The majority of our work is located in the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, Spruce Grove and surrounding areas; however, we have worked on projects all over Alberta from Fort McMurray, Fort McKay, Red Earth, Conklin, Edson, Drayton Valley, Provost, Lloydminster, Calgary, High River, to Drumheller and many other locations. We can handle the job wherever it might be in Alberta.

Q: We’ve had a spill, can you handle it?

A: We have extensive experience dealing with and remediating many types of hydrocarbon spills ranging from bitumen, hydraulic and other petroleum products including fracsol and stubborn, tough, nearly impossible to clean tack oil. In fact, we consider ourselves to be spill specialists. We utilize steam, a variety of specially formulated chemicals, high and low-pressure spray, and other methodologies are employed to restore land and equipment back to its original state and looking great again! If environmental concerns arrived – one could say, what spill?

Supreme Vac – Edmonton
Steam Trucks – Vacuum Trucks – Hydrovac
(24-hr. Service)

Consider us for all your hazardous and non-hazardous waste handling and cleaning needs. Be it pipeline pigging operations, sewer backups, tank cleaning and thawing of frozen lines and equipment, or hydrovac excavation of underground utilities, we can do it all efficiently and effectively, getting your project completed on time.

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