supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
supreme vac edmonton flush truck
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Edmonton Steam Pressure Washing & Water Blasting

Steam Pressure Washing – Edmonton & all surrounding areas

We are experienced in steaming clean equipment such as track hoes, side booms, and all types of pipeline/construction/industrial equipment which may require hot, high-pressure water washing/blasting. Whether conditions are – 40 C to + 35 C, or in between, we have the experience and personnel that can easily tackle and remove the toughest frozen mud, grease, or even bitumen off your equipment.

Do you have equipment you want spotless and shiny clean? We have adjustable wash brushes, soap formers, and environmentally friendly cleaning agents we can use for your next project.

Are you concerned about clubroot contamination? We can apply disinfectants or other types of chemical cleaning agents required to clean your equipment. 

Steam Pressure Washing – Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained steam trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Steam Pressure Washing for Edmonton & all outlying areas)

Equipment Pressure Washing – Edmonton & Area

We take painstaking care to wash and clean your equipment as if it was ours. It is always concerning when someone else cleans and washes your equipment because you want to make sure they don t strip off your paint job in the process. We have the ability to adjust the water pressure and flow, so we don’t damage your equipment or paint.

We have equipped our pressure washing units with a variety of customized wash wands and unique wands which flex and bend, allowing us to wash hard-to-reach areas that a typical straight wand will not allow one to access. We have an assortment of different sized fan nozzles from straight tips to aggressive oscillating industrial cleaning nozzles which are readily available in our organized steam units.

Is your truck scale frozen? We can thaw out your truck scales of ice and debris to get you up and running again.

Do you have calcium or built up scale you need blasted off industrial equipment, tools, or walkways? We have specialized pressure wash nozzles that allow us to clean and remove scale through the utilization of high-pressure washing and application of heat.

Concrete Pressure Washing – Edmonton & Area

Concrete cleaning – Power washing of parkade’s of debris from flooding, dirty shops, shop walls, and washrooms, large areas of concrete pads of mud (frozen or caked on), hydraulic oil, and other hydrocarbon staining of concrete (not always possible to remove but we will do our very best to mitigate the problem stain). We have concrete pad cleaners which are oftentimes more effective than pressure wash wands. At times, we may be able to effectively utilize dual pressure wash wands to clean up the dirty area quicker – and it may prove to be less costly than calling in a second hot pressure wash unit!

Brick Pressure Washing – Edmonton & Area

Cleaning of brickwork for patios, fire pits – brickwork extending beyond the fire pit area where there is often an overgrowth of hard to remove grass and weed buildup between the bricks and over top of the brick.

hot pressure washing patio edmonton

hot pressure washing deck edmonton








Patio & Deck Pressure Washing – Edmonton & Area

For Edmonton and the surrounding area, the outdoor patio season provides a relatively short window of opportunity for fresh air get-togethers and gatherings, given our late springs and summers, which as a rule taper off to cool, before summer actually comes to a close.

Nothing is worse than walking up a front concrete entrance of a store and seeing all the unsightly embedded grease and grunge; including, tacky pop and other spills, stuck-on gum, dangerous bird droppings – and then having to sidestep and tiptoe gingerly, avoiding the messy splotches of slimy, disgusting bacterial and viral matter along the way to the store – we have all experienced it! Ugh, not on the bottom of my shoes! This does not leave a very good impression in the mind of the customer – generating the attitude of perhaps we should take our business elsewhere until they restore some dignity and respect for their customer’s patronage. Many people respond this way when confronted with a filthy, uncleanly store’s appearance. Unfortunately, too often the customer is lost on first impressions, forever!

The atmosphere of cleanliness you foster for your store or business operation will most likely be very rewarding for you, short-term and long-term. Those frequenting your clean business premises will now have a very different and positive impression of the image you are now projecting for your operation! Instead of running away to a competitor, they now are more inclined to tell others what a pleasant and enjoyable experience your business has been.

Keeping your deck, patio, and concrete walkways clean and in tip-top form is a bonus feature for any home, restaurant or business owner. Fresh in appearance and well maintained, clean surfaces serve to promote a welcoming setting for family, friends, and customers, and most importantly… repeat visits.

Supreme Vac strives to provide premium quality power washing, degreasing, and disinfecting solutions, and hot wet steam service for those difficult, to impossible areas to clean on your outdoor deck, patio, or business frontage.

We have many years of cleaning experience and an assortment of equipment and cleaning solutions used to clean all types of decks, patios, and other concrete surfaces.

To upkeep the attractiveness of your property or business, call us today at 780-691-3436 to schedule our service.

Eavestrough Pressure Washing – Edmonton & Area

Eavestroughs flushed cleaned of dirt, soil, plant growth in a hurry and flush out plugged downspouts of debris. Sure beats the hard work a flower pot shovel, a pail, and washing down the eaves, not to mention making sure the downspouts are running free. 

edmonton eavestrough pressure washing

Water Blasting- Edmonton & all surrounding areas
Supreme Vac
Well maintained steam trucks & highly skilled employees
(24 hr. Hot Pressure Washing – Edmonton & all outlying areas)